do your parents actually love each other ?

Kinda long text here. I feel like my dad still does love my mom, but my mom doesn't really show any type of affection towards him anymore which is understandable for personal reasons. My dad always tells my mom that he loves her, but my mom has stopped saying it back and doesn't kiss him back at all. It feels like divorce without papers at this point. I've never really liked my dad; he's always been an asshole and he's just making me uncomfortable all the time. Me and my little brother is my mother's top priority, so there's no wonder why she doesn't really show any affectionate feelings towards our father when he's acting like a total idiot. They almost always argue due to my father starting the arguments because of his constant complaining and overdramatic behavior. I don't get why they're still married at this point. I really love my mother since she does everything to keep me and my brother happy, but I just can't with my dad. I truly hope they divorce some day because my dad is just... weird. And not in a good way.

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