“Your purchase succeeded, but we couldn’t create your realm right now.” Ive been waiting for a day already. Wtf is this scam?

Ah yes, the second largest computer company on the planet has scammed you for your $8. They just had to have it so badly that they tricked you into buying a Realm and now they’ll never fix it. There’s a man in a dark room drumming his fingers together as Microsoft and cackling wildly while he reads your post.

But really what this is is a delay in provisioning message. I’m a cloud services data center administrator, and what this means is that there was an automation issue in creating your Realm. To be clear, I work for a different company, but all of this technology works in essentially the same way. What is happening here is that the automatic process that creates your Realm has failed for one reason or another on the back end. When this occurs, your transaction is put into a queue and people like myself have to sort the issues out one at a time to move them along. This has been happening a lot lately, so the queue is likely very large and so it takes a long time to sort these out one by one. People in my position do this literally all day every single day, and I promise you it is being worked on.

Take note of the day and time of the purchase, email Mojang, and open a support ticket. Take that support ticket number and contact Microsoft’s Xbox Live support, even if you’re not playing on Xbox. Request that they give you a 30 day Realms code free of charge for your inconvenience.

This method will net you an extra 30 days of Realms, and is far more likely to succeed than requesting a refund on a product that refunds are not offered for.

I know this sucks, man. But it’s just the nature of how this technology works. Tons of people here will tell you to host a Java server or this that and the other, but I totally get it; Realms are convenient, easy, cheap, and they’re supposed to just work. I use Realms for all of these reasons, and I understand that all those alternatives are simply not an option for lots of people.

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