Your salary and the lifestyle that goes with it

1.) Age and education: 29 years old, STEM major
2.) Salary & work hours & ALSO industry you work in:
$200-220k/year. Work around 25-30 hours a week in technology
3.) Location area: Major Southeastern city, United States
4.) Lifestyle: Live very comfortably. My biggest "splurge" is owning a high rise condo in city centre that could be cash-flowing $600/month with a renter but I choose not to because I like having access to city life while also living in the burbs. Second home essentially.
EQUITY (Net worth $400k)
Started maxing $401k and Roth annually recently. $56k total in both which is low for my salary but I was saving aggressively and buying real estate with 20% down which has paid off.
Own condo and home ($600k total) - $200k total equity, $400k total loan
Cash Savings: $100k
SUV: owe $20k
Mortgages: combined $400k as stated before
Mortgages combined ($2,800/month), auto loan ($414), Monthly spending ($2k/month), Save about $5k/month

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