Your second choice? OnePlus is starting to lose my trust.

Well this revelation doesn't really affect me much, as I opted into the user experience program which didn't indicate it was anonymous. The thing is OP have kind of found a sweet spot for me that I can't really find anywhere else. The only other phones that come close are pixels but will see why they aren't and option for me.

The some things that contribute to this little slice of limbo that I am in are:

1.No bloat and skins This knocks out most manufacturers as I don't want to use ROMs or any of that jazz

  1. Not willing to pay for things I don't need >1080p screen No >Waterproofing While nice I do not require it >Stereo speakers Nope I use headphones and I don't want to use bluetooth >Iris scan, face scan, curved screens, No bezels? Don't want nor need them >Cameras I rarely use them but need the rear to be "good enough" and I also never used the front facing cameras. The fact that I purchased a phone with one still annoys me.

3.Updates come at a reasonable rate Don't need to be on the latest version immediately, but the updates should/did come

4.Availability Because of where I live I can't order a Nexus or Pixel without paying someone else

  1. Buttons and finger print scanner Prefer front to back and off screen buttons to onscreen

If I had to bite the bullet I'd probably go with the Pixel, pay the additional fees and deal with the things I hate

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