Has your sexuality changed in ant significant ways throughout your life - of yes, what has that been like for you? I can't be alone in this.

You might have learned some of those behaviors from your sisters. I believe I learned some from mine, but my mother was good about doing "boy stuff" with me like watching action movies and getting me into exercise as a kid. I just learned to relate to people more like my sisters, even though my hobbies and toys were normal boy stuff (legos, guns, etc.)

I had considered trans-women before after my neighbor kid (I was 13-14) and I had a weird friendship and he showed me some photos. I never thought about it until I was much older and attracted trans-women in waves, it seemed. The photos of them were more attractive than the women I were attracting at the time, so I had naturally clicked on them, but never dated any of them. I have met some in person but didn't feel sexual attraction to them.

Yeah, I think they're very rare as well but the internet's working on it's "equality movement" and is testing everybody's responses. I also get a bunch of country white girls who act like they grew up in the Detroit ghetto so I know it's just a ton of fake profiles.

Do you experience this with random internet strangers?

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