Your two most played gods have a child together. Design their kit.

Nox + Nu Wa.

Prince Xa, God of Living Dreams.

Passive - Living Dreams - When any God is killed, a 'living dream' is left floating above the location of their death. Prince Xa's abilities can interact with these 'living dreams'. There can only be one Living Dream for each god. Lasts 30s~ They can also be destroyed by enemy attacks, but have health and protections equal to a portion of Prince Xa's.

Ability 1 - Dream Catcher - Prince Xa fires a projectile that damages and passes through minions and gods. If it encounters a Living Dream, it will stop and Prince Xa will become temporarily linked to the dream. The beam between Prince Xa and the dream will damage enemies it touches every 0.5s, while also healing Prince Xa for an equal amount. This consumes the Living Dream.

Ability 2 - Shattered Dreams - Prince Xa fires a beam of energy in a line that damages all enemies in range. Upon making contact with the dream, all nearby enemies will be mesmerized for 1s. After 1s, the dream will shatter, dealing damage to all enemies in range. This consumes the Living Dream.

Ability 3 - Deep Sleep - Prince Xa sends a cloud of mystic wibbly-wobbly energy forward that moves slowly across the battle field. Allies inside the cloud are given 10% CDR and bonus HP5. Enemies inside the cloud are first slowed, then after 0.5s are rooted, and after 1s mesmerized. If the cloud contacts a living dream, it will grow in size. This consumes the Living Dream.

Ability 4 - Sleep Walkers - Prince Xa roots himself for 6s-10s, but in exchange takes decreased damage, heals slowly over time, and controls all living dreams in an area around him. The dream will "come to life" and attack nearby enemies, prioritizing gods and towers over minions, for 6-10s. The animated living dreams will use abilities offensively if they can. Afterward, all Living Dream remain standing, immobile, in their new locations.

Kit inspired more by Nu Wa than Nox, but the idea of dreams that come to life are a stretched idea of combining "darkness/night" with "creation", since dreams are brand new worlds created in your mind... at night, usually.

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