Your unpopular opinions on S9 so far

I've honestly enjoyed the first three episodes of this season more than all of Seasons 7 & 8 put together, I don't think I really have a single negative thing to say so I don't understand the disappointment in this season. They all came to play with such diverse styles and have set a super high standard without seeming so polished that they just come across boring (compared to Season 7), and they aren't afraid to start drama and break the Rupauls Best Friend Race trend without coming across as overly nasty (compared to Season 8). We've gotten cunty catchphrases from Kimora, lip sync dramatics from Aja, pageant rivalry from Eureka and Trinity, polished professionals inhabiting new spaces for Drag Race from Peppermint and Charlie, creative & artistic drag from Sasha and Nina, underdog story from Jaymes, oodles of charming personality and great looks from Shea and Valentina, ditzy tomfoolery from Farrah, emotional porn from Cynthia, and pure eye candy from Alexis WHAT ARE PEOPLE DISAPPOINTED IN I SERIOUSLY DON'T GET IT

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