Do your world have the Primarch equivalents?

You can draw loose parallels between the Argyran legates and the primarchs, at least insofar as they were created by a deity to lead armies of super soldiers.

That wasn't an intentional resemblance though. Earlier in development I intended for them to be discovered on an alternate plane by a powerful human mage, who recruited the 12-13 of them there. It would have required the explanation for why there were only a dozen or so of them despite being a separate species, why these demigod beings would cross a dimensional barrier to risk their lives fighting for a stranger, and things like that so as the human man got replaced by a god lady I decided it was less convoluted to just have her make them from scratch and give them out as gifts to different cultures.

Back in the earlier version the astartes equivalents were only associated with a few of them and served as an explanation for why dark lord style warlike beings had really big and really strong dudes with them. They became associated with all of them as super historians once my world became significantly more idealistic and less edgy.

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