You're about to pitch the next great movie to a group of Hollywood execs. What is it?

Ok I have a few ideas, both for movies and TV

  • Cooking in the Ghetto: I love cooking shows, but it's so frustrating the constant use of elaborate utensials, spices, and the highest quality foodstuffs. I would love to do a show that shows you how to work with limitations. I wanna hear the guy say shit like "now you're used to use a whisk, but who the fuck has that? Grab a fork and just go HAM on that shit" or "So it's 3 days till payday, and all I've got left is a half loaf of white bread, peanut butter (no jelly) some government cheese, some "i can't believe it's not butter", some spare spaghetti noodles (no sauce), and an onion and some all spice. Lets see what we can do with this.

As far as movies go, I think I want to focus on musicals.

  • My first project would be my interpretation of the musical adaption for Planet of the Apes on The Simpsons episode entitled A Fish called Selma. I really want to expand the whole process out, maybe even use costumes from the original 70's series. And my lead is going to nail that "I hate every ape I see, from chimp pan A to chimp pan Z" line.

  • My second musical project would be my bravest yet. At this point I'm hoping I have achieved full on "musical theatre director who's ego has gotten so out of control he thinks his every idea is flawless. I will cultivate an image that I need to rub my opinions and causes in everyone's faces, in the most obnoxious and (unintentionally) offensive manners too. To add to that, I need the hubris that I could improve classic greats. And with that being said my greatest achievement should also be my most tone deaf ever; A musical adaption of Romeo and Juliet set in a prison where the love interests are both MEN. I want to have offensive latin and gangster stereotypes, I want to totally get homosexual relationships wrong, I want to offensively reduce serious issues related to the prison industrial complex to stupid offensive jokes. Basically I want to make the worst play ever, and I want to make a real world version of Springtime for Hitler

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