"You're not just going to let them STEAL the election like that, are you?

Be me, Ron Publican Live with room mate Dan O'Crat, we're both body-builders Things haven't been going great lately Dan's been acting wierd, accused me of  hacking him with some Russian guy, hired a PI and everything, who turned up nothing Been posting a lot about how awful me and my friends are all the time, some of it's minor, some of it is really out there Anyway, Dan O'Crat decides to switch schedules at work, and start going to the gym after hours, so he'll have more time to work out and get more gains I keep going to the gym during the day like always Dan O'Crat immediately starts making huge gains, fast, with this after-hours gym thing, starts besting all my PRs I think he might be juicing I ask some of his friends, but they all go to the gym with him, and we're not on good terms Confront him about my suspicions, ask if I could look into his workout plan Dan O'Crat is mad, says I have no evidence, that I'm disrespecting the sanctitiy of the gym, and we always knew he was gonna be making gains with his new workout plan vs the old He's not wrong, but it looks really suspicious Everyone says I'm just jealous of his gains and that I'm just mad that I'm going to lose the bodybuilding competition to him I talk to the competition officials, they wont do anything without proof What do?

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