'You're a traitor': Twitter roasts Trump for bashing US intelligence agencies over Russian meddling

I am a firm advocate of proportional representation.

The problem isn't just extremism though. The problem is that the tabloids won. There are very few news sources that can be considered respectable journalism these days.

CNN, FOX, etc. They all do it. Some may be worse than others, but the all employ the same tactics: Clickbait articles with misleading headlines and often with no reputable sources.

A lot of the times they even have to recant a story, but since most people don't usually look up yesterdays news the recant goes unnoticed and the misleading story is what the populace believes.

The biggest issue is 90% of people only read the headline. So if they see a headline that says "Trump shot an unarmed man in NYC" they will start parroting it around as fact. Without every reading the article.

The few people that read the article hardly every fact check or verify sources. Leading to cases where News Agency just cite each other as the source of the story. (I.E. CNN cites Fox news who cited MSNBC who didn't cite anyone)

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