Youth pastor arrested for voyeurism after teen boy spots camera hidden in church restroom. Once again, it isn’t the transgender folks acting pervy in the restroom... it’s the evangelical youth pastor. Who woulda thunk it?

I don’t disagree but we shouldn’t demonize the ones that aren’t predators. They are victims of the same indoctrination I grew up with. They’re trapped in a box they don’t know how to open from the inside and don’t even know they’re in. It’s a platos cave problem.

I had a lot of decent youth pastors when I was young that genuinely cared about their kids. Most all of them were simply ignorant but not malicious. They were victims of the same bullshit indoctrination I had been. Unfortunately they just couldn’t ever find their way out of the box. I just feel bad now for the people who are too far gone to get out.

That being said I had one high school pastor that was fired after he announced he was going to marry one of the students.

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