YouTube Bans Alex Jones, But Promotes PsyOps Like This

Yeah, I'm a high functioning crazy person. I dont mind though. I'm happy with my life and everything that I have been given. Genius is one step away from insanity, as one of the smartest guys ever once said. The world is a crazy place, history is crazy. Life in general is completly and objectively crazy. Just think about the size of the entire universe we live in.

As far as I can tell, most people have no idea about the true nature of reality. Most people have almost no real education. The great majority of people believe stupid things, and their entire reality is based off what they see on TV. You have to learn to think for yourself. It's the best thing you can ever do. Be the source of your own chaos.

If I am crazy, I much rather be the way I am now. I feel confident, optimistic. I am free in my thoughts, my love life, and I feel good most of the time, even at work. Most people like me, I do well enough financially, my family is happy and well taken care of.

I have a pretty good understanding of engineering, biology, physics, and mathematics, and yet I believe in a universal mind. My knowledge of the books I've read. Where most become atheist through education, I started as an atheist and became an agnostic. I feel my knowledge has only reinforced by belief in intelligent design of the universe.

Like a true crazy person, I also like the moon. It's where the word "lunatic" comes from. Mankind primal obsession with our natural satellite.

The moon is amazing in quite a few ways, but the moons orbit is perfect. It has almost no eccentricity, which means it's a perfect circle. A rare occurence where most orbits are elliptical. It also has just the right altitude, that it perfectly obfuscates the sun during the eclipse. This, you would think would be extremely rare, especially to have both qualities.

I'm not telling you what to believe, just to think for yourself. The matrix is real, and you can escape it. Very few people in this world actually believe sane or true things.

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