YouTube’s Discriminatory New Policies are Silencing the Voices of the Disabled (Censorship)

The whole pedophile hysteria that's been happening for the past 30 or so years is ridiculous, but the term has taken on an ugly association with conservatives (e.g., Catholics), men's rights activists (e.g., incels), and male heterosexuality (e.g., ephebophiles, or attraction to 16-19-year-olds (i.e., teens, AKA the most popular category of pornography, i.e., "normal", (i.e., demographic majority) sexuality)), such that the people who used to freak out over pedophiles (Christian anti-gay scaremongers) have been replaced by their polar opposite (radical leftist SJWs), so it makes perfect sense that YouTube is doing this shit right after their recent alt-right/Libertarian purge.

The funny thing to me, though, is that disabling comments does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect children. It's so unhelpful you'd have to assume YouTube is lying about their motive, so I can understand why the people in this video think they're being discriminated against; in a situation/environment like this (i.e., constant bewilderingly blatant false statements and seemingly random enforcement of rules), persecution fantasies are entirely natural. But I don't think YouTube (or really any of the companies engaged in this kind of action) has a political agenda; I think they're just terrified of being accused. By disabling comments on videos of kids, they're removing the evidence that pedophiles use their platform/service/community. See, they don't care about sexy videos of kids. You can search right now and find as many perverted Japanese "idol" videos of pre-teen girls--today--as there were ten years ago. I haven't seen any evidence of YouTube removing videos of kids or banning alleged pedophiles; they're just using a blunt zero "zero tolerance" method to remove any evidence of pedophile activity.

What's even funnier, maybe, is the seemingly random enforcement, this Kafkaesque refusal to reveal "sources and methods"--is it an algorithm, is there any human oversight? In the case of video removals or channel bans, I think they mostly "allow the community to police itself" by flagging videos, which of course results in rightwing videos being deleted, because the SJW method is to shout people down, ban people, and abuse the system however they see fit to crush their perceived enemies.

Again, think about 30 years ago--it used to be the Christian fundamentalists who called into the FCC to complain about radio and television programming, to get people fired, and to scare companies from allowing people to say or do anything offensive using their platforms. Today, it's the total opposite. It's like Bizarro World.

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