Youtuber Tom Scott claims that Brave is falsely asking for donations with his name and photo. What is really happening?

Please see our official blog post outlining the updates we've made to Brave Rewards in response to the valuable feedback we have received:

For onlookers, here are some key points and clarifications:

  • Any tokens that users purchase with their own money are never reclaimed or recirculated into the user growth pool, and none have ever been. They will always sit indefinitely until the publisher/creator is ready to claim.
  • Only free, promotional tokens gifted to users by Brave can ever be recirculated into the promotional token pool from which they came (known as the "User Growth Pool") after a period of 1 year. (Originally this period was 90 days, but we've extended it to 1 year!)
  • The Brave Rewards UI now more clearly distinguishes unverified creators from verified ones, and public channel images will only be displayed for verified creators in the easy-to-use tipping interface.
  • ... see the full blog post here for more:

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