You've Been Conditioned for War. We've been taught to accept militarism as normal. It's not normal. We can unlearn it.

Respectfully disagree, and that's okay because we're both still voting for the same guy.

War is something we're good at. We have to be at war to maintain proficiency at it. We shouldn't be at war for the sake of being at war, but if there is a cause for military action I do think America should be the first ones in.

When Russia and China stand down and when we can confirm there's no hostile alien life in the universe, then I'd be down for severely downsizing the military.

The main problem with our war engine is the private interests profiting off of it. If we could overturn Citizens United, which should be a bipartisan issue IMO, then we could have an honest and accountable military who only spill blood for the right reasons. Gotta get the big money out. Conservative, progressive, whatever you are, get the money out.

I'm voting for Bernie(again) because he is against Citizens United and that is the single biggest barrier to progress. We have legal slavery, legal bribery, legal racism, legal corruption, and none of that will change if we don't eliminate the incentive in the first place.


Then we can wash this shit off and see what this country really looks like.

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