You've heard of elf on a shelf, but have you heard of killing yourself?

The number he's said multiple times is how he feels about the album, not how good it is. 1-4 means he does not like it, 5 -6 means it's a decent and he appreciates some aspects of the project. 7-9 means he likes it, it could literally be a terrible lil boat mixtape but if he likes it he'll still give it a good score.

It's how he feels about it. As a music critic he definitely should not change his opinion because of his audience, that goes against your statement about numbers making something objectively right. He's a great music critic in my opinion because he's able to break down all of the important aspects and gives his perspective, making the average music consumer aware of every detail on the project, helping them formulate an opinion. I still like Cudi even though fantano helped me realize Cudi is not a musical genius, he just has music I like to listen to and I like his personality through his music. There's nothing wrong with how Anthony does his reviewing, people like the rating (obviously from all the complaints when he doesn't) bc his subscribers are invested in how he personally feels about something. Score =/= quality of project.

That's why comparing scores is retarded and luckily became something to mock in the comments. "You gave emoji movie soundtrack a 7 but kids bop 37 a 10?"

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