YSK All human are susceptible to the “illusion of truth effect”. Meaning the more we hear something, the more likely we are to believe it is true.

The sly fox, cyclops

We locked in an idiot box

The video slots - broadcasting Waco Davidian plots

They own YouTube, MySpace

When this ignorant shit going to stop?

They monopolize the news, your views

And the channel you choose, propaganda, visual cancer.

The eye in the sky, number 5 on the dial

Secret agenda, frequency antenna, Dr. Mindbender

Remote control, soul controller, your brain holder

Slave culture, game's over.

What's a fox characteristic? Slick shit, censored misinformation

Pimp the station, over-stimulation

Reception, deception, Comcast digital Satan

The fox has a bushy tail

And Bush tells lies and fox-trots

So, I don't know what's real



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