YSK: Almost no chiropractors are licensed medical professionals. It is a pseudoscience with no backing in evidence-based medicine.

Me personally, I have only had good experiences with chiropractors over the years. My family used to regularly see a highly knowledgeable and skilled chiro in our community until he unfortunately passed away from cancer several years ago. We never had any issues or bad side affects as a result of his adjustments. Since then throughout the years I sustained multiple injuries to my back (work related) and up until this last March, the pain was becoming chronic and interfering in my work and personal life, I was scared my conditions would worsen and need surgery down the line, until I found another chiro in my area who was even better than my first one from years ago. He completely turned my situation around and my back feels better than it has since my first chiro passed. I feel this post is a little misleading because it discounts the chiropractors that are in fact knowledgeable in their field (Gonstead Technique) and there is evidence to show that spinal injuries can lead other to underlying health issues that being prescribed a pill just won’t fix. Prescription medicine does not always “cure” your conditions, they usually aim to just mask the symptoms and not attack the root cause of our pains. I won’t argue that chiro is not alternative medicine, because it is, but it’s also worked pretty darn well in my own, and my others’ experiences.

The only advice I could give is just do ample research on a chiropractor and make sure you can trust them before you let one give you an adjustment. These are my own experiences and opinions, so I’m not trying to discount anybody else who may have had a bad experience from a bad chiro.

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