YSK: Hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadians are happily retired (or working remotely) in Mexico, where they enjoy a much lower cost of living.

He has people harassing him day after day trying to buy his beachfront tourist area property, he could name his price? Sounds like he's rich and that's a first world problem. You should be thankful he's able to have his quality of life because of tourism and foreign trade with the US. If that's disgusting then you really aren't thinking of the alternative. If it wasn't for the USAs trade and it's added value for your goods and services, as well as Mexican nationals easily finding their way here legally or not to work and send money home, mexico would be a narco state with a currency closer to Venezuela's then Russias. That said I would move to Mexico if I worked remote. I would love to. I just don't understand how you can complain your grandfather has a million dollar beach front property.

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