YSK that if you are hearing a buzzing, hissing, or whistling sound (something similar) out of nowhere, it might be Tinnitus.

I sometimes hear the ringing for a few seconds but it is very rare for me. I do believe I have slight hearing loss as my wife hears better than me and I have to turn the tv volume up loader than her. I have shot guns without hearing protection a few times when I was younger and ignorant. One time I believe I couldn't hear for a few seconds and heard ringing after a gunshot. My wife doesn't believe me when I say that shooting guns without hearing protection can lead to hearing loss but it definitely does. Any really load sound can cause hearing loss. Even if you don't automatically go deaf, there still can be a little hearing damage. I guess she thinks that because she grew up watching some of her family shooting guns without hearing protection and that they can still hear things makes it ok. But I'm sure they have a little hearing damage whether they know it or not. I also work in a warehouse with constant noise and that maybe could be apart of it also. I don't consider my hearing loss to be disabling or that bad because for the most part, I usually hear things pretty well. It's just the little subtle differences I notice between me and people who hear better than me that really clue me in.

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