YSK that if you’re trying to mouth words to a deaf person, you should actually say the words out loud.

What I find funny is the amount of people in here being a dick to OP for trying to help. They're discrediting his advice saying there are better ways to communicate to a deaf person. Sure, of course there are. But the LPT is specifically for when you ARE or HAVE TO BE mouthing words. Nowhere does he say this is the be-all, end-all method for communicating, he just gave some solid advice on how to improve your success if you do mouth words. But then some pretty smug, and if we're being honest douchey, deaf people are talking down to OP for trying to help.

So far the only things I've learned about deaf people on Reddit is that if you try give advice to communicate with them a little better, they in turn gatekeep you and raise their chin. Sorry for trying to do a nice thing!

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