YSK it isn't weird or dangerous to disclose the vin number when selling a vehicle

We can pull window stickers on some brands to see what the build had to value the vehicle more. It shows owners and oil change regularly. It lets us know if you did a timing belt or head gasket change on some cars.

It gives us the history that no customer knows.

What we look for on credit

The number is a small part of it on auto purchase. We look at auto payment history. Don't care about medical. We look for charge offs and BKs. We look for lines of credit and revolving credit. The current bank loan for the trade has a balance so we know what your pay off is before the trade evaluation. Customers generally don't know.

Trade. We look for physical damage and sounds but most don't have that much knowledge in vehicles to diagnose it with a test drive. We do either a penny per mile or 2000 standard deduction for reconditioning. We pull 1000 to 3000 off for expected profit of resale and that's your trade. We can pull the books for old crappy cars and get the ACV or actual cash value which is generally what we can sell at the auction. We go 95% of that at the max. It's also a moving target to trends but Vauto helps us with 250 mile radius. We then try to pull a little off the trade for profit which sales can make 10 to 25% of the trade to ACV difference.

Lots more fun to be had.

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