YSK: Male domestic violence victims are more likely to be arrested when calling the police than their abusers.

This happened to me multiple times with my family. My dad used to be super abusive and would physically start fights, but when I would push back, he’d call the cops and say I was trespassing. There was one time he got me in a chokehold so bad that I almost stopped breathing, and as soon as he let go I called the cops(which I regretted immediately). I was actually scared he’d kill me…but when the cops showed up, they started threatening me and believed I was the problem when my dad lied to them about me. He is a little bit older so he manipulated them into feeling bad about his “poor” health, despite the fact that he was perfectly capable of chasing me around the house to choke me. Every time the cops showed up, it felt like I had to PROVE I needed help, and wasn’t tricking them. I felt so helpless

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