YSK Overdosing on Tylenol (Acetaminophen/Paracetamol/Panadol) is a slow, painful way to die

“Typical” ischaemic chest pain has a very specific definition - central, crushing, radiating up left arm, etc. It’s considered “typical” ischaemic chest pain because it is usually extremely specific for a large vessel ischaemic event. If you have this type of pain, you’re probably having a massive heart attack. Anything else is classified as “atypical” chest pain - sometimes it’s ischaemic, but usually it isn’t. Things like sharp pains, right sided pains, pains associated with movement, etc etc are all considered “atypical” because there are many things that can cause these and usually it is not ischaemia.

Women still get typical pain with an MI. Men still get atypical chest pain with an MI. Some atypical pain is ischaemic, in both men and women. Women are more likely to have atypical chest pain with ischaemia than men. That’s it.

Medicine is about recognising patterns, that’s all this is. Nothing more. Get off your high horse and stick to discussing things you understand.

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