Yugioh Briefing: LTGY-PRIO

Cyber Dragon Revolution (2/6/14)
Another old school structure deck. Fans of the archetype were pleased but nothing new was brought from it competitive wise.

April 2014 Banlist
This list brought very minor changes, but they were enough to shift the meta away from Fire Fist. Geargia and Hieratic Rulers are among the most popular decks during this format, as well as Mermails carrying over from the previous format. Here are some lists for these various decks

Dragons of Legend (4/25/14)
Notable Card Releases:
Kuribandit, Soul Charge, Mathematician, Wiretap, Fire/Ice Hand

This set only released a few meta relevant cards but they were all extremely format shaping. Most specifically, Soul Charge. A lot of people realized that the deck that could best abuse Soul Charge would be the best deck so many strategies emerged at this time. Dragon Rulers were able to once again emerge as a viable strategy, this time under the guise of Mythic Rulers. Others include Sylvan, Infernity, and Mermail.

Primal Origin (5/16/14)
Notable Card Releases:
Artifact Scythe/Moralltach/Begalltach/Sanctum/Igntion, Sylvan Sagequoia/Charity/Princessprout, Bujin Hirume, Traptrix Dionaea, Madolche Anjelly, Majesty's Fiend, Number 80, Number 103, Cairngorgon Antiluminescent Knight

PRIO was the final piece introduced for HAT (Hand Artifact Traptrix) and its many variants. It was on an even level with all of the rest of the decks but it was one of the most played. The set also introduced support for many, many older archetypes, making many older decks viable. Madolche became a popular deck with the introduction of Anjelly, as well as Koa'ki Meiru with Diamond Core. YCS Philly showed us that HAT was a deck to be dealt with. Here are some decks.

After the 2014 NAWCQ, we saw ourselves in the ARC V era and the introduction of DUEA, which (along with NECH) brings us to our current meta. I hope you all enjoyed the read. I apologize if it gets sloppy towards the end, I'm very tired :p

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