Yuri Kasparyan (left), a guitarist of Armenian origin, with singer and songwriter Viktor Tsoi. They are members of the iconic Soviet rock band Kino.

justify shitty behavior

So if someone grew up their whole life exposed to something which was culturally accepted during that era, they must be performing shitty behavior? And it gives you the privellage to yell and attack others? Neither you, nor I have the right to call it shitty behavior, because it is not our position.

You and I may agree that we don't participate and promote this type of humor, however you should not be sitting at the top of a throne, determining people are being shitty, especially when you don't even try to understand the other person. You attacked and yelled racist in a heartbeat. Instead you should have started a different dialog. Stay united, not divided. And stop assuming your views on others.

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