Zach Lowe on Embiid “one of the league's smartest players, with elite feel for the game,” and that “after a slow start on defense, Embiid has been sensational -- a one-man forcefield. Opponent shots at the rim plummet when Embiid plays.”

You make some good points. Embiid doesn’t drive as often as Zion, giannis and Luka. He gets a lot of fouls for a few reasons that are unique to him.

1: he has this step up jumper where he eats space in front of his defender, forcing the defender to contest a little more wildly that gets a lot of fouls. 3:28 - He does this like 3-4 times a game. Used to do it a lot more before harden came

2: he is one of the most doubles players in the league, especially in the post. Refs are going to be more inclined to call fouls simply because they can’t see the entirety of the action and will assume contact from reaches.

3: he has some CP3 in him, and will do the rip through move if you don’t pull your hand away. I’ll admit, this foul is some BS, but if refs keep calling it, he will keep doing it

This stuff plus normal fouls plus some exaggeration on Joel’s part, put him as one of the leading Ft players every year. But honestly Joel deserves at least 9 free throws a game from legit fouls. He probably sells contact for an extra 2 per game. Obviously a biased view but I’ve watched like 90% of all games he’s played

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