ZDNET did it again: "another problem with Android is that it's based on Linux, and Linux is both old and plagued by legal issues"

Have to give the writer one thing. He's good at propaganda. Lol not going to pretend to know everything he is saying. But. I will say. He is projecting his agenda . The only truth i can see is the hardware issue. I like flag ship models of android phones. But if you get a mid or low grade version of a flag ship. You got crap. So quality control i understand. But. Seriously. He's talking about reinventing the kernel the made IoT possible. Its not that its forced to work on a particular device. It just that it works well. Old. Sure why not. 20 years is a long time in tech. But. Its not as if Linus and everyone else that edits the code stopped 20 years ago. We get that great benefit of the obsession of genious often more then once a year. Depending on what its for. So. I would say. In my Sailor Jerry 92 proof conclusion. That i love Linux. Im willing to see the down side. But please. Have this mythical so called kernel of the future before you mention it. Cause from where i sit. This article is a big wet dream of a Windows teen. Lmfao. I mean. Come on. So patents makes them more money then there actual product. How sad. Windows phone. Is as dead as blackberry. Lol. about as secure to. i mean any phone or computer has its vonerablities. Im just stoked to see whats next. I just want to see it objectively.

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