Zero Fucks Friday: 7-22-16 // 22-7-16 Edition

WWE spent over two years trying to make Roman into the next John Cena. Even in the face of overwhelming backlash, they stuck by him. That was a big sacrifice by the WWE.

He couldn't go 90 days as "The Guy" without failing a drug test and embarrassing the company. A guy in his role should never fail one of those. Ever. It's professional wrestling, steroids are rampant. That is accepted. Don't draw attention to it by failing the tests and especially don't fail the tests for something you don't even use to enhance your body. John Cena's been on top for over a decade and pumped full of something for probably all of it. He's failed zero drug tests.

As for Lesnar, he fucked up too. But he has a different role in the company. Still wrong, still embarrassing for the WWE (especially with him being on the cover of WWE 2K17). That being said, WWE was moronic to allow him to have a fight anyway. It opened them up to all kinds of headaches, like a failed drug test, and now they're paying for it.

Both are wrong. Both embarrass the company and play into the low expectations of the business, and both could have been easily avoided.

And the worst part is that one of them will likely be in the main event of Wrestlemania 33, if not both.

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