Zero Fucks Friday (April 10th 2020)

I get liking Meltzer. He's got some (albeit incredibly diminished) amount of sources. He's got some amusing hot takes that are sure to rile everyone up. He gives some (questionable) scoops. You can argue that he's biased (he is), & that he's got an agenda (he does, I mean, he knows who pays his bills) but ultimately it's all innocuous enough. However, I don't get the people that take him seriously or that treat his reporting like it's something more than what it is. Like, we all get it that this guys job is to report on fucking professional wrestling, right? Who fucking cares if people make fun of him? This guys pulling in well over six figures a year speculating about fake fighting. He's been on easy street for a long long time. Pardon me for not being sympathetic

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