Zero to Hero Progression Guide Update - Man, there's been a lot of content added to the game in the last 2 years since I've updated this guide. Fallen God Armor/Labreska Helmet, Accessory Cups, Godr Ayed Weapons, Jetina's Reform Systems for PEN Accessory and PEN Weapons & Armors, Artifacts.

I disagree with a key point post season graduation.

A coupon to convert a piece of Tuvala gear into a piece of boss gear one enhancement level lower.

I recommend NOT converting your Tuvala gear to boss gear using the boss gear coupon, but rather speaking with Jetina to convert to reformable gear which I will mention later in the guide.

I think you should convert a weapon into either Dande/Kzarka depending on spec. Converting your weapon means you can put caphras into it which makes it easy to hit big brackets for relatively little investment. For instance in your Post Graduation 2/2 picture you could get another awakening bracket with 2 AP from caphras. Considering how large brackets are around that AP, it's some very important stuff imo.

And i would also recommend keeping the tuvala offhand until 249 ap, then exchanging it to nouver. It means you can delay investing into a second offhand until 273 nouver ap, letting you invest in other gains.

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