Zimbabwe agrees to pay $3.5 billion compensation to white farmers

A quick 150ish year history of Zimbabwe:

-Black tribe good at fighting invades and takes over, despite being a minority. -White British come in and take over through a classic combo of offering to beat the shit out of the black conquerors and tricky contracts. -Whites take most of the land for farming and mining, investing a little bit of money in educating blacks. -Life expectancy skyrockets and the black population grows way faster than the white. -Britain decides to end its empire because they’re broke and maybe democracy is cool. -Whites say “No thank you” to democracy and independence, kicking off a brutal bushfire counterinsurgency war. -The writing is on the wall, so the whites agree to democracy. 95% of them leave for mostly white countries or apartheid ZA. The other 5% make a go of it, and buy up even more of the good farmland. -Mugabe takes power and doesn’t give it up. The country makes great strides in healthcare and education, but backslides in political freedom. -The economy sputters and people would like a new government, so Mugabe goes nuts and drives out the small core of remaining white farmers. -Economy tanks. -Mugabe dies. -New government says, “Hey that guy was crazy, we’ll pay you back for that land you lost if you come back.” -Whites come back and hopefully get incorporated into a scheme where they give up some of the land to black people who actually know what to do with it.

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