Zion's Trade Value, Wade's Farewell Tour, OKC's Collapse, and Gym Nudists With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast

How you finish goes a looonngggg way to how you’re remembered, and the negative perception of Dwight is not reflective solely because of the injuries. Rather, it’s because so many players, front offfices, etc all talk about how he was not someone they wanted around, not wanted to play with. If he was known for helping younger players out, like Vince is doing his last few stops, people would look past that he isn’t the same player. But at every stop, it’s been a similar issue each time that goes back to even when he was dominant.

The point Russillo is making is that Hall of Famers are supposed to “feel” like hall of famers. It’s a lazy take, yes, but he was just trying to articulate his feelings for a player that while great for a nice run, the latter part of his career magnified the more unseemly parts about him that his talent used to keep hidden away.

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