Zip code with most Obamacare enrollments votes Republican

Doing a quick search against my bookmarks:

Using this estimate, our findings imply that roughly 2.6 million people would have reported that their plan would no longer be offered due to noncompliance with the ACA. Another 6 percent reported that their plan was cancelled for other reasons, and 75.4 percent reported that they did not receive a notice of cancellation.

Many whose non-group policy was cancelled appear to be eligible for Marketplace subsidies or Medicaid. In December 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued guidance for expanding coverage options for those with cancelled policies, indicating that they can apply for a hardship exemption from any applicable individual mandate penalties and can qualify for the purchase of catastrophic coverage though their state Marketplace. However, those who are eligible to enroll in either Medicaid or coverage in a silver-level plan with premium and cost-sharing subsidies could potentially pay significantly more if they enroll in the new catastrophic plan option.

While our sample size of those with non-group health insurance who report that their plan was cancelled due to ACA compliance is small (N=123), we estimate that over half of this population is likely to be eligible for coverage assistance, mostly through Marketplace subsidies. Consistent with these findings, other work by Urban Institute researchers estimated that slightly more than half of adults with pre-reform nongroup coverage would be eligible for Marketplace subsidies or Medicaid.

The number of people that appear to have had their coverage canceled and didn't have options that were similar or better seems insignificant. I assume you can google more recent numbers.

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