Zombo Gives Into Ŧemptation

Teiato The Potato: Those apex, f, and T guys aren't much compared to Palaceer

Teiato The Potato: Palaceer is the best player I've ever seen

Teiato The Potato: He is 150% better than me in all aspects

Teiato The Potato: He uses every mechanic of the game to his advantage

Teiato The Potato: He'll let me join, some power hungry co-leader won't stop me

Fred Dawes - You guys are such virgins

Fred Dawes - I'm mean I'm not that much of a non-virgin myself

Fred Dawes - But I have a girlfriend

Fred Dawes - You guys should go to the gym

Fred Dawes - Play less Chiv, it'll give you more confidence

ηεм | das truck: do you ever have high thoughts

ηεм | das truck: and write them down

ηεм | das truck: then go to sleep

ηεм | das truck: the next day you're like

ηεм | das truck: wtf

ηεм | Infernal: no

ChivCompScene_das truck Moderator Oct 12, 2014 @ 9:34pm
Palaceer 3v1 clutch footage from scrim got recorded: http://i.imgur.com/Z8HWOJA.mp4

ωizardish ϟ: Go ahead and spread this

ωizardish ϟ: also

ωizardish ϟ: fuck you

ωizardish ϟ: fuck all of you

You can either have the satisfaction of knowing all messer mains are trash players that think they're decent at the game (Infernal) or you can hax.

Ɲ | Λnsτii: I honestly think

Ɲ | Λnsτii: you do drugs

Your entitlement is off the charts.

Slash: Should have stayed off of nemesis

Slash: Bitch ass clan

Slash: Everyone there is a stuck up prat

Slash: Take things to literal.

Anstii: Well I mean you called me a sand nigger, that's not really acceptable, literal or not

Slash: Sorry, are you a black person? Not sure how you'd take offense. Not even your race. Nigger isn't an insult. Nor is Niggah. Or Nigga> Whatever.

Slash: If you take offense to something ONLINE you need to see someone. Like a therapist or something.

12:11 AM - cya: dis is wut i listen to to enhance my drugz

12:11 AM - cya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRftXCiqfQ8

12:11 AM - Ɲ | Elitism Incarnate: not this?

12:11 AM - Ɲ | Elitism Incarnate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja3_Nr24CII

12:11 AM - Ɲ | Elitism Incarnate: whhops wrong one

Mr. Z: dey dont know what they r missing

Mr. Z: zombo memes everyone he kills

Ɍєиαтυs: i had tiny bit of rum witrh some coek

Ɍєиαтυs: and i can barely type

Ɍєиαтυs: wtf my body is such a pusy

Ɍєиαтυs: nour pussy bitch lol,

Ɍєиαтυs: jk id fuk u if i was a girlll

Ɍєиαтυs: so manly with big messer

Ɍєиαтυs: king of prtoss lol

Ŧ | ℐnfernal (Gone til June): theyre good

Ŧ | ℐnfernal (Gone til June): but i wanna be scary

Ŧ | ℐnfernal (Gone til June): i wanna be....

Ŧ | ℐnfernal (Gone til June): SPOOKY

infernal truck: fuck

infernal truck: i was just gonna say that

infernal truck: you memed me first

das not truck: i miss hearing you say

das not truck: ONE FRAME ANIMATION

das not truck: HUEE

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: hey

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: do u wanna play starcraft with me

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: no?

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: why not?

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: oh cause you play plebian free to play no skill another yet "X of the Y" moba and you hate brotosses?

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: ok c00l

ChivCompScene_das truck: lol

Ŧ | ℐnfernal: u kn0 im r1te

ChivCompScene_das truck: man i aint give a fuck if sc takes skill it's not fun

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