“Zoology” lmao

Okay. None of what you just said matters. Five years ago I bought a sports car, right? The first visit, the salesman told me his life story and how hard he has it. I don't give a fuck about any of that. I'm there to buy a car and anything that guy says is to sell me a car. Second visit we end up screaming at each other and I walk out on the deal. He calls me repeatedly the whole way home. I don't answer. Third visit I buy the car for $5k under blue book with a bunch of free stuff added in.

Last Thursday, I visit a dealer for my SO, whose car broke down earlier in the week. She really wanted this nice new Cadillac. Sporty little model with a luxury interior. She's super pissed I won't let her go with me, but I can't have her giggling in the background while I try to make a deal. We settle on price out the door provided the SO test drives it two days later. She does, and he tries to hit me for a few thousand more thinking she is gonna push me over. We walk out with the car for $8k under blue book, because fuck that guy.

Anybody that talks about anything other than cash on the barrel head or settles on price (buying or selling respectively) is fucking scamming you. It's a transaction, so if anything comes up about family or hardships, or any other type of bullshit needs to set off immediate alarm bells in your head.

Ever wanted to sell something? You wanted it gone, right? No BS, just fair price and gone without hassle. Ever want to buy something? Same thing. You want a fair price, no hassle. Anything outside of that, (and think about it from either side regardless of what side you're on), is bullshit.

Remember this, young one, and you will do well in life.

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