Zorba, India’s first dog to be deployed for tracking down poachers, has died of old age in Guwahati, Assam. Zorba was involved in anti-poaching operations & helped wildlife officials track down more than 60 poachers. Om Shanti!

I get that you have a limited perspective, here i was telling that person who wrote RIP, that i used to be part of Christianity (my father converted long ago, we weren't originally Christians), that, acc. to bible, i think you know what I'm gonna say, so yeah i told them that.

And although i stood my ground, i did feel that this has actually hurt people who read it, one woman said, "don't say that", man, i had delete that after that.

I assumed people would find that astonishing that a religion could actually say that, but then again, it's the same thing that means so much to them, although ripe with flaws.

Anyways i left the animal hating cult.

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