124 words Protesters demanding renewed racial segregation 137 words Leaked George Floyd bodycam footage 175 words Racist Kevin has a problem with interracial relationships, gets laughed at 257 words Baltimore Cop Holds Gun To Man’s Head During An Arrest! 127 words Police and federal agents move Portland protesters day 51 136 words meat-eating child cannot comprehend horrors of slaughterhouse and confronts hunter with daddy 201 words Guy tearing down BLM posters confronted! 172 words Police in San Francisco Pride festival gets spray painted in face 194 words Idiot shouting racist slur on the road. Probably arrested by now as he provided his name. 169 words Roadrage escalates into demolition derby 134 words CHAZ resident proudly showing off graffiti gets robbed 574 words "I'm Indigenous, I do what I want" - Karen says while caught stealing from neighbors 233 words Another old man assaulted in a grocery store. 298 words Unarmed man in Texas? Easy frag. 219 words Unarmed man in Texas? Easy frag. 170 words London metro police stop a crowd of peaceful protesters from stomping a man to death. 208 words Guy talks to a cop like a cop 145 words Non blm related mob FreakOut. Old video of people of color stoning a what's claimed to be a pregnant woman in Public. Potentially NSFW, cut video while woman is still breathing to comply with R#5 141 words 2 differing vehicles over 2 days drive through protests in my local town of medford, i believe it starts at 0:44 173 words Husband and wife beaten with 2x4s while defending store in Rochester, NY.