155 words Is more expected of Liberals? 210 words Would you still support the Democrats if they wanted to take a tougher approach to immigration? 152 words Do you believe it is possible that anything that could happen in American politics could forestall catastrophic climate change? 102 words Why specifically 15$/hr minimum wage nation wide? Where’s the math? 195 words If something socially acceptable you say/do today turns out to be not at all acceptable in the future... should you be "grandfathered in" or should you be held accountable to your (unknowingly) unacceptable behavior? 244 words What is your perspective on the “change my mind” series? (by Steven Crowder) 254 words What is your reaction to Gillibrand's defense of her call for Al Franken to resign? 240 words What's your take on charity? Here's one that I agree with: 146 words What should be the approach to addressing bullying amongst kids? 352 words What are some of the more subtle clues that a news outlet has malicious/propagandistic intent? 212 words They're putting immigrants in concentration camps 569 words They're putting immigrants in concentration camps 290 words Could someone in as partisan a way as possible ELI5 the protests in France right now? 180 words Do you assume that someone who is "left-leaning but" is actually just an alt-righter? 254 words Why is there a difference in the way Liberals and Conservatives speak to minorities? 217 words Does the police shooting of a man during a "Red Flag" seizure call change your mind about "Red Flag" Laws? 225 words How should the Democrats combat Trump's fearmongering? 237 words Is it right for protesters to harass Tucker Carlson at his home and threaten his family? 141 words About Democratic Immigration Policy? 190 words What are your thoughts in the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations?