240 words Is it true that daughters were given as concubines as "loan securities" by low caste Himalayans in order to finance the daughters weddings? 136 words It's 1534 and I'm a commoner in rural England. King Henry just split with the catholic church. How does this change things in my local parish? Do we all just go along with the pope no longer being the head of the church? 799 words Was The Catholic Church throughout history as Anti-Science as the mainstream media claims to be? 146 words How were combat cameramen/journalists seen as by their comrades during WW2? 268 words How historically accurate is the book “Shōgun”? 138 words Do all modern writing systems descend from cuneiform and Chinese proto-glyphs? If not, what other writing systems evolved independently that are still in use? 988 words Tuesday Trivia: Protest, Resistance, and Revolution! This thread has relaxed standards—we invite everyone to participate! 130 words I understand tropical fruits were rare in medieval Europe. So how did the colour orange become synonymous with the fruit rather than the more common carrot? 267 words What did Friedrich Nietzsche think of contemporary Greece? Did he ever visit the country? 242 words What impact did Motown have on American society in the 1960s-1970s? 155 words Does Taiping Christianity still exist? 134 words How large and powerful was the Champa Navy? 220 words Is it true that vikings treated women better than most European societies at the time? 207 words Why did the Mongol Empire keep their legal code a secret? How did this work in practice? 111 words Is there any credibility about Graham Hancock? 109 words Did Jewish people participate in the transatlantic slave trade, either in Europe or North/South America, at any point throughout the 16th-19th centuries? 169 words Did the Roman empire have any "big brands" and, if so, what products were they known for? 152 words I had an econ professor that argued that the FDIC is never needed simply because it exists. People feel reassured and therefore don't make bank runs. Has the FDIC ever had to pay out a claim? What were the circumstances behind that? 286 words Prior to Tolkien, did "fandoms" exist that demanded an internally consistent canon of literature describing wholly fictional worlds? 418 words What really happened in the so called Gujarat Riots in 2002 ?