149 words Women can’t win. It doesn’t matter how you give birth. 145 words Husband and I sent a group text to our families about our wishes for baby after they were born.. they blew up. AWTA? 253 words The fertilisation process shown by a 3D artist 337 words is an extra room for baby needed? 128 words Tired of feeling shamed by older generations for being cautious.. 168 words Taking a pregnancy test with your SO or telling your SO in a special way later? 141 words Husband lost sexual interest in me since being pregnant. 259 words Calling all Bumpers who have had a home or birth center birth and a hospital birth! 156 words I'm the girlfriend of a guy who is the father in an unplanned pregnancy 151 words Brother-in-law used name we were planning on going with. What do we do now? 126 words Suffering from carrier screening 210 words Did the number of children you want change after you had the first? 137 words Pregnant with second baby girl. First girl is 3 yo. Most people I told have been ‘consoling’ me. Need some uplifting support. 258 words Help me see the fun side in pregnancy 135 words I don't know if this is the right place, but I have a question - How would you feel about having a transgender labor nurse? 135 words My sister think it’s irresponsible to bring more humans into the world while it’s overpopulated. 169 words Daily COVID Megathread 363 words Am I Wrong? 235 words Did anyone try to get pregnant and when they approached one year went to the OB/GYN? 308 words Anyone who’s gone to the ER for morning sickness, how bad was it before you went and what did they do?