191 words Give me one good reason why I should not use legacy (1xxx) uncompressed addresses. 239 words In a deflationary world, whoever born earlier will have a massive advantage over those who come after. With the same amount of work, he will accumulate "value" over time. Those who come after will get paid less for the same amount of work. How do we solve this problem? 236 words Politics vs Science 192 words El Salvador bought today 80 #BTC at $19,000 each! 154 words how much have you profited or lost from bitcoin 241 words How much bitcoin is enough? 148 words Could Bitcoin really be the future standard of money? 118 words Daily Discussion, December 31, 2021 188 words I have one shot 128 words El Salvador President Nayib Bukele says, ‘It’s game over for dollar, Bitcoin is future’ 142 words People keep asking me about the different types of bitcoin addresses and what they mean. Here's a simple breakdown... 268 words Deflation is a good thing 162 words El Salvador's move into volcano-powered bitcoin mining makes the case that bitcoin can act as an accelerant to renewable energy development. Geothermal energy is renewable, it's clean, and in some places, it makes use of a previously untapped resource. 164 words Another SIM Swap Disaster 117 words Another SIM Swap Disaster 182 words Bitcoin actually has one pretty big flaw: it's not user friendly for blind people. 216 words Mediatic evidence of the next bull run? 131 words United States citizens can no longer short Bitcoin or participate in leveraged digital asset transactions unless they're filthy rich! 148 words Sen. Toomey Invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum After Asking for Fewer Crypto Rules 124 words Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is a Safe Asset if The Bond Market Collapses & Taxation Ramps Up - 6/3/2021