144 words BEWARE, I JUST GOT SCAMMED OF $37,199 BY THIS LADY USING A FAKE PLATFORM CALLED GACP.VIP 304 words Joshua and Jessica Jarrett, The Nashville couple, filed a lawsuit against the IRS claiming that mining or staking coins are not taxable until traded because they establish the creation of property. 172 words So much FUD and worried so i asked myself... 145 words Consider: Bitcoin's energy usage is not a flaw, it's like that by design. It's the only way Satoshi could make bitcoin censor resistant. 180 words Elon Musk sold 1 billion $ of #Bitcoin before his tweet 133 words FUCK YOU ELON 134 words Inflation is coming. Negative interest rates are coming. We are all being gas lit! Stack $SATS 156 words Hear me now and believe me later - get your coins off the exchanges 151 words You're doing it wrong. 182 words Daily Discussion, March 11, 2021 163 words Daily Discussion, March 10, 2021 175 words The Ukraine government is now considering building a bitcoin mining center to use the country’s excess nuclear power. 150 words Selling it all before the bubble bursts! 165 words I just sold 299 words Guys, BTC is way more scarce than you think. Only 2.4 Million BTC on all exchanges WORLD WIDE. 168 words The 8 Laws of Bitcoin (updated) 204 words I screwed up, yet again. 131 words Finally realizing I need to get into crypto: painfully caught between "Never FOMO" and "The best time to invest is always now" 187 words Bitcoin - Some Deluded Thoughts 129 words Can some one help find a way to buy bitcoin Instantly