139 words Should Dandrews just admit that the strictness of this lockdown is being demanded by the national approach (which has gone from suppression to "aggressive" suppression) instead of copping criticism from the feds and Libs? Also, should Gladys have the NSW/VIC border open right now? 674 words Coronavirus Downunder Nightly ɯopuɐɹ Discussion - 21 October, 2020 226 words Some perspective for all these anti lockdowners 171 words Melbourne Lockdown Timeline 171 words ELI5 - How is it possible that we still have COVID-19 cases in Victoria?! 150 words The big questions: at what point and under what conditions/circumstances will the NSW/VIC border reopen? 162 words Anti-lockdown protests met with heavy police presence in Melbourne | ABC News 141 words Friendly reminder - every time you take your mask off your mouth and nose, you should wash you hands and replace the mask! 123 words 'We can’t keep living like this': COVID-19 state of emergency opens political divide 196 words Facebook a major threat to public health: Report 203 words Doctors gave Victoria's health department a list of ways to improve hotel quarantine. They didn't reply 162 words Scared about losing my job and don't know what to do. 141 words Victorian Press Conference today 144 words The economy is more important than our kids, apparently: Coronavirus Australia: Scott Morrison warns COVID-19 cases will increase when schools re-open 123 words Is the JobKeeper payment fair? 113 words How many people really following the self-quarantine rules? 472 words Breaking: 40 confirmed positive from Noosa wedding party on 14th March