574 words MARXPOST 2: ECONOMIC BOOGALOO 309 words Petition for Destiny to seize the means of production by hiring Ha*an's editor, who currently makes $50-$150 per month, and proving that capitalism leads to better outcomes for the workers. The editor already has a PC! 193 words To the surprise of no one 150 words Is Trap a Slur? Part 1 Ft.TheSMonroeShow 140 words Joey Salad's twitter account has been suspended for platform manipulation/spam. 127 words "You're acting like we're in the same situation as Italy" 179 words Surprise Vaush debate 166 words Audio reveals tense confrontation between Warren and Sanders - CNN Video 111 words If anyone thinks the media isn’t biased against Bernie after this debate they have a pathological abnormality. 164 words Trainwrecks hate threads back on the menu boys 333 words Trainwrecks and PayMoneyWubby are being disingenuous with their complaints about Twitch’s “Double Standards aka SquadW” and they ignore key facts about bans just to push the narrative of “Twitch is giving streamers favoritism because they’re women aka SquadW”. 160 words "This is why I call you spineless..." - Destiny Debates SerfsTV 175 words What's a food take from Destiny you actually agree with? 182 words A new ally has entered the fray. 665 words All this Nazi/Tankie iconography discussion has got me thinking... 132 words Destiny is oversimplifying the question of impeachment 188 words (alinity drama)Thank you guys for making me rethink my behaviour and life choices 127 words The Real Reason Why Destiny and Hasan are No Longer Friends 147 words Destiny's treatment of Hasan 143 words The Clash of Civilizations, Trainwrecks vs Melina debate when?