156 words I just got my IUD taken out and I couldn’t be happier 104 words How a Queen should be treated. 131 words r/MGTOW sums up the dating world: “Most men can't get most women, most women find most men unworthy”. Thoughts? 122 words Let's talk about gaslighting for a sec 164 words So I made a collage of a modern desi girl's worst nightmares..to remind myself of the kind of toxicity that's ready to suck me in if I don't run fast 134 words A warning as to why you should never, ever let a LVM into your life. 290 words Covid-19 is showing me that my HVM really is just a pig in a Prada scarfe. 217 words I thought Tinder and Bumble were dating apps? Sorry I don’t want to be your free call girl. 505 words What things do you do to love/nurture yourself that empowers you to feel that you are awesome all on your own? 184 words “We’Re OpPrEsSeD ToO” 178 words Can’t believe this is even a question. Just goes to show selfish men can really be. 137 words If men don’t have anything to offer, they have the audacity. 175 words Who here can relate? 176 words Husband and his mommy are furious this woman chose a life saving surgery at the expense of their unborn child. Most comments are rational but there are plenty of comments asking why she can't see his side of it 201 words Etiquette of paying for dates 474 words Why do some men seem to put out no effort in themselves in pursuit of a relationship? 420 words They want us to be legbeards so bad, but we're not: FDS Humble Brag / Femcel Theory Debunked! 185 words I asked him what he thinks about #metoo and the wage gap... These are red flags right?! 224 words When looking for a partner, men is encouraged to aim high and questioned when he settles, while women is "advised" to settle and criticized when she aims high. What the fuck is this bullshit. 521 words What broke you and how did you pick yourself up? How did you heal? Tell me more about your pain and struggles - and how you combat them to make a happy life for yourself, day by day.