205 words Ubisoft Share Price Tumbles After Dire Sales Report 130 words Ubisoft, facing "surprisingly slower" sales, has canceled three unannounced games (on top of the four cancelled in July), planning $200 million in cost reduction including "natural attrition" and "divesting of non-core assets" 162 words Desktop GPU Sales Hit 20-Year Low 126 words Epic FTC Settlement and moving beyond long-standing industry practices 183 words Returnal PC system requirements recommends 32GB RAM 166 words A software update for #PokemonScarletViolet (Ver. 1.1.0) will be released on 12/1. Please visit our website for more information: http://ninten.do/6013eDUof We take the feedback from players seriously, and will continue to work on improvements to the games. 166 words The Callisto Protocol: Several Death Animations Are Locked Behind Season Pass 139 words God of War Ragnarök’s director says he wants to work on Castlevania next 339 words Mick Gordon- My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal 126 words Gotham Knights May Not Be A Let Down After All 158 words Silent Hill 2 remake revealed, first gameplay details and design changes announced 240 words Dunkey's making an indie game publishing company "BigMode" 249 words Weekly /r/Games Discussion - What have you been playing, and what are your thoughts? - September 11, 2022 189 words Doom Eternal is a masterclass in FPS design 338 words Games need to stop being afraid of the word "Transgender" – TheGamer 132 words Activision’s active player base falls below 100 million for the first time since 2019 120 words Mario Strikers: Battle League - 1st Free Update - Nintendo Switch 158 words Quest 2 Will No Longer Require A Facebook Account From Next Month 185 words Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has reached 20 million players in the first 48 hours of Free For All 178 words Naughty Dog: Thrilled to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the worldwide release of The Last of Us Part II -- and this years' milestone of 10 million copies sold!