234 words No an alignment isn't going to fix the problem 180 words Lightning McQueen in the back of this trailer. 198 words A moment of silence please. Houston McLaren today. (Not my photo) but our lot flooded today no cars lost. 143 words I learned today why the Air Force budget is so large... 209 words Sadly he declined the brake job. Florida Dodge Ram. 114 words Old lady customer: "I stopped for a wild boar, and it strode up and bent my headlight." No idea if she's full of shit or not. 104 words Just rolled in... 3/4 of a 300 172 words I made a grown man cry literal tears today. Found his lost wedding ring in his car while it was in for service. Found lodged in a seat rail, only a little scratched. I think I’ll get a 10/10 on my survey now. 111 words 'The hydraulic pump won't make over 900psi' 133 words Hey I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice? 246 words Maxima iacv motor driver 407 words Always watch where your exhaust is pointed 227 words Always watch where your exhaust is pointed 421 words Always watch where your exhaust is pointed 215 words Customer wants pre purchase inspection 190 words When you mean to hit 4th gear. But hit 2nd 232 words I'm working in Saudi Arabia. We told our driver that we had a flat and should change it. He was insistent it was a run-flat and he could make it to a garage. This is how we rolled in. 199 words 214psi of compression in cylinder #3....ohhhh... 202 words Googled weight of Lincoln. Three times... 302 words This just rolled OUT of the shop. After trying to up-sell me every component possible on a simple oil change, and then charging me more than quoted, and refusing to honor a coupon, I come home to discover this. Am I allowed to say this is from Jiffy Lube? Am I an idiot for using Jiffy Lube?