133 words Communism at it's finest 174 words An interesting premise. 139 words Can Dominicans Be Liberatarians? Or Are They Not Smart Enough? 805 words Immigration: A Thought Experiment 219 words I stealed it from r/HistoryMemes 213 words Authoritarian Trump threatens to shut Mexican border in demand for Monument to Racism 228 words This is what 15 dollars an hour looks like 140 words A very libertarian mindset?? 153 words Thoughts on how to solve climate change? 191 words Welcome to The Collective. 311 words Fiscal Concervative 151 words Once again r/LateStageCapitalism fails to understand it's own tax-and-redistribute shtick. Even if the premise were true, 50,000 well paid transplants would undoubtedly produce a civic windfall in local property, sales, and other taxes. 150 words A reminder to all 138 words Gun control supporters support murder by the state. End of story. 133 words Question: could services like welfare or food stamps still be effective if they were donation based instead of part of mandatory taxes? 166 words What’s your guys take on the several recounts over the nation? 151 words Fucking scum of the earth. 143 words Bernie Sanders does an AMA, gets a staged question and manages to get the most down voted comment for the day 295 words Mike Pence opens an event with a Christian Rabbi that reads the name of Republican candidates on a list given to him, and claims the people in power have been put in place by Jesus. 171 words Anyone willing to indulge a radfem for a moment?