162 words LOST. Two babies ran away in Kenneth Hahn State Recreation earlier today. Wasn't sure where to post this. If you happen to see them there, they're pretty skittish but DM me for contact info. Sorry if this isn't allowed here... Just thought maybe you all could help. 155 words 'Catastrophic:' Chronic homelessness in LA County expected to skyrocket by 86% in next 4 years 183 words Christmas Surge Here To Stay - County Tops 900K COVID cases and 12,000 deaths. Nearly 100K fresh cases in just one week and 16,982 new cases today. Death toll mounts, over 1,000 in just four days as 221 added Saturday. 308 words Developments from the George Gascon inauguration today: No more trying juveniles as adults, the creation of a use-of-force review board to consider re-opening of fatal force cases that Jackie Lacey declined to prosecute, and effective end to cash bail and sentencing enhancements in LA County 224 words CHP Officers Forcefully Remove Unhoused People Living in State-Owned Homes in El Sereno on Thanksgiving Eve 108 words Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies caught posing with a Trump flag in full uniforms. 374 words LAPD when the victim was robbed of only $950 312 words Breaking: Two Deputies Shot at Compton Pax 257 words Guess Dublin’s in DTLA is done with the pandemic, they had folks inside as well. 203 words COVID-19 Numbers Increasing in Manhattan Beach, Says LA County 120 words Los Angeles daily discussion thread 07/21 309 words Don't eat at the Burbank Chick-Fil-A (Covid-19 related) 444 words Refuse Fascism Protestors Win Court Case After Shutting Down 101 Freeway in Los Angeles 152 words This just doesn’t make sense how this happened 146 words LAPD: Owed $40 million in OT. Will not get a red cent. 198 words Compton - Give it a chance. 181 words June 1st Protest and Riot Discussion and Update thread 204 words In front of the InterContinental 250 words I’m. Resident of Melrose/fairfax and own a biz in WehO what I saw last night was not a protest 118 words Meanwhile, on the corner of Olympic and Fairfax last night and multiple nights this past few weeks. Where are the cops?